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Build HR’s Reputation – despite operational pressures

How is the reputation of your HR function being impacted by Covid-19? What do business leaders say about you when you’re not in the room? Do you know?

There’s been a maelstrom of pressures on HR – and here are two that, despite their vital importance, threaten to be a real drag on HR’s reputation as business leaders:

– Employment regulations changing daily and requiring immediate action and communication, may have pulled HR even more into the downward cycle of admin that they’ve been fighting for years;
– Pushing for compassionate measures and consideration for employees’ well-being might have reinforced the ‘caring’ expectation on HR that’s a mixed blessing.

Operational pressure is massive right now, and HR will be faced with more and more complexity as future working arrangements are worked out.

Put simply, there’s so much MANAGING to do, how can HR ensure that they’re LEADING? Playing the full strategic, business role right now is critical, and we’re helping HR to secure their place at that table.

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