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Being our best selves on Zoom

How much of our authentic selves do we share on Zoom? If we’re not feeling safe enough to do that, neuroscience tells us our brains can’t work at their best.

How can we create a safe environment when we’re communicating through a screen? We always make time to build a safe space in our face-to-face workshops, so let’s learn from that and use some honest contracting techniques.

This means bringing out into the open the things that can get in the way of having challenging conversations, robust discussions, and learning. This won’t apply to every call, but you know the ones that really matter. You can explore together how to manage the strangeness (it might be common now, but it’s still strange) and the intensity of working together while being apart, eg:
– What would help us each to feel safe to share our real thoughts, ideas and concerns when we talk on Zoom?
– What could I do to help you to feel, and be, your best?
– What can we give each other permission to do, that would help us? Eg. look away from the screen, out of the window, ponder for a moment; be less static and take a break to move or stretch.

When you’re approaching your next Zoom, what would help you to be, genuinely, at your best?

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