Our Unique Human Resources Development Framework

We have worked as, and with, Human Resources professionals for over 20 years. In that time we have seen how HR has changed in shape, in how it’s delivered, and in the challenges it faces. The demands placed on HR have only increased. So we have scoured the research, debated and then distilled it, and  related it to today’s business challenges.  We structured it into a development framework that’s practical and relevant.

The 7 Enablers relate to HR as a function, to HR teams and to individual HR professionals.  They give you a route to achieving excellence in HR.  We focus on the behaviours and activities that are under HR’s control – the things HR people say and do (or don’t) that enable them to get great results.

The interaction between HR and the business is critical

From our own experience, we know that the toughest Human Resources challenges can be complex.  For example, we engineer a great technical solution (eg. reward, competencies), and yet navigating the political landscape in our organisation can be the only way to get it implemented.  HR people offer so much special expertise, eg. employment law, compensation, talent management, and we help them to deploy those in the most effective way.

‘You’ve hit on something unique here.  I really get it.’   enable-hr Team Workshop participant

Enable-hr focuses on the personal and professional aspects of your contribution – including how you operate, build relationships, manage your reputation, think ahead as well as get your focus right.  We help Human Resources Directors, Managers and practitioners to build their presence and gravitas as well as making the right decisions about where to focus their energy.  Our Team Workshops are a powerful intervention to get your team aligned and committed to a shared vision of the shift you would like to make.

We work at every level to enable Human Resources to add more value

We work with CEO’s and HRDs to transform the HR function

We develop HR leaders and managers

We coach at every level.  We have executive coaches who are experienced at working with HR leaders, and we also value working with HR professionals who are developing their careers.  Our approach is designed to fit into your day and target your unique development requirements.  Because we understand the challenges faced by HR people, it’s totally relevant, and time-effective. HR people are very busy, and at first it’s difficult to see how you can achieve better results without working even longer hours.  That’s why we help you to see the choices you are making, and the choices that you could make.

Our HR Self-evaluation Tool asks you how you see your priorities as well as how often you give your energy to different activities.  This reveals how you could change what you are choosing to do, and not to do.

360-degree review can give you feedback from HR’s stakeholders and client groups.  This provides valuable insight into differences between perceptions, and can also open the door to a new kind of dialogue and improved relationships.

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