We select the best articles and reports so you don’t have to trawl through to find them yourself.

Excellent infographic from Bersin giving statistics showing improved outcomes from great HR – great to drop into conversations and presentations.

Also from Bersin – their HR predictions for 2018

What separates great HR leaders from the rest?  This 2015 HBR article from Zenger and Folkman still holds good.

Deloitte 2017 report – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Arxiv report on risks of AI

KPMG 2017 report The Industry 4.0 Revolution is here

Deloitte report on Digital Maturity

KPMG’s latest Insights report on HR Transformation

Changing external dynamics mean HR has to fundamentally rethink its role:   Re-imagining HR – Alex Swarbick Roffey park

A 2017 report on how ready UK companies are for embracing digital HR, why they are investing and in which areas these investments are being made.    The state of digital HR in 2017

Alex Swarbrick of Roffey Park interviews young people about the future of work and technology in 2016 – interesting to see how much this has gathered pace since then     What does the future of HR look like AI & HR

HR needs to become more commercial

Goodbye HR hello people science

The future of HR

What do Senior Executives want from HR?

HR practitioners are not developing the necessary business savvy and commercial expertise – CIPD research

‘HR’s role in strategic thinking’ from Blessing White: it’s things like culture, talent and incentive structure that distinguish innovative firms.

CIPD HR Outlook winter 2014-5– an update to their wide-ranging 2012 report on trends and priorities for HR

Highlights from Deloitte’s UK Human Capital Trends 2014 Report – a lack of investment in HR means the UK is lagging behind and not responding with appropriate urgency

HR Magazine’s – What CEO’s want from HR Directors?